A Biblical Foundation is laid using age-appropriate storytelling, activities and weekly Chapel.  Children will learn to pray, recognize Bible characters and be trained in the Christian Faith.


Your child will meet true friends and they will look forward to the next day at school because of the friends that will be made and enjoyed.  We foster and encourage these special times in our classroom philosophy and approach.


At The Springs Preschool laughter fills the classroom and the hallways as children gain personal confidence and freedom. This joy comes from within as they discover who God has made them to be.  Through colorful toys, excellent play equipment and creative classrooms fun happens even as they learn.  One amazing place that is a hit and a high point of fun and connection is our “Beam Center”. Our “BEAM” is a giant interactive I Pas that encompasses learning & movement through fine motor kills and academic learning.  We are the only preschool in the area that offers an alternative to the word FUN!